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Fundraising supports many programs at Ballard High School

Is your hand still cramped from writing checks? Are you confused about all of the different organizations that are asking you for money? Thought you already gave to that booster club? Yet another auction, really?

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The fact is, you are going to be asked for money in this day and age at any school in the state of Washington. It can be overwhelming! We realize what seems like constant asks for money can leave you confused, very shortly after school starts every year. We hear it every year: “I thought I already gave to the PTSA”, or “I already signed up for the PTSA”. We at the Ballard High School PTSA thought it might be useful to understand all of the great organizations we have at BHS that need, and will ask for, your support.

All of these organizations deserve your money, and we encourage you to decide on your own, equipped with the below knowledge, about where to put your dollars.

With it in mind you’ll be asked for some class fees, you’ll likely have to pay for field trips and other extracurricular activities, and maybe even a trip somewhere around the world, the below summarizes the BHS organizations that may ask you for money.

Ballard High School PTSA

That’s us! Our primary focus in the PTSA is to make a great school even better. We work to cultivate an excellent education environment for all Ballard High students through family and community engagement, advocating that all students have access to the resources, tools and support needed for the best education possible. While certainly, most of our support goes towards academic improvement, we help out all over school: athletics, performing arts, and through community outreach. Look around on our site here for more general information.

Every year, we hold two main fundraisers:

  1. Direct Appeal – Money For Academics
  2. The BASH – our annual auction

In the winter, we’ll do a direct mail campaign for your dollars, The Direct Appeal, with which we really put a focus on “Money For Academics”. In the Spring, we hold our annual party/auction- the BASH. BASH auction money also goes into academic support, with some of those funds possibly saved for the next year. Funds from both Direct Appeal and BASH is spent at the school by funding direct teacher asks through a grant program managed by a committee of parents, students, and staff. Of course, all revenues raised also support PTSA operating expenses.

Teacher Support Fund

Also, at the beginning of the school year you’ll receive your Fall Packet which will contain a donation form for the Teacher Support Fund, lending direct support to BHS teacher needs.

Remember, your PTSA membership goes mostly to national and regional PTA organizations, not your local PTSA.

Ballard High School Athletics Booster Club

The Ballard High School Athletics Booster Club works very hard to support athletic programs at our school. Most of their funding comes from athletic teams conducting fundraisers to benefit their sport. The Booster Club hosts or partners with team parents to host events to build their general fund, along with Beaver Gear sales membership sales. If you see Beaver Gear on sale at events at school, be sure to buy some! Or, purchase a membership to the club and support your athletes!

Ballard High School Performing Arts

Ballard High School Performing Arts supports BHS Music, Choral, and Drama programs- some of the best in the city! BHS PA has a  Gala Dinner and Auction every year during the winter, and also raises money through various other fundraisers such as an Annual Spaghetti Dinner- a BHS tradition for decades, as well as candy sales, coffee sales, Escrip, and sales at concerts of CDs, bakes sales, and other merchandise.

BHS Performing Arts also provides sponsorship opportunities for your small business. Find more great information on their website.

The Academies and other Special Programs

We have special programs at school raise money to offer unique opportunities to our students.  Examples of this include the annual Biotech Academy Direct Appeal and the Maritime Academy hosts a Dinner Auction near the end of every school year, and has other various fundraisers, like Chinook Book sales, over the course of the school year. There is also the Finance Academy, and other special programs. If your student is in one of these programs, you should be prepared to support them with your dollars.

The Ballard High School Foundation

The Ballard High School Foundation is a non-profit charitable organization with a mission to support the students, faculty and administration of Ballard High School and enrich the school’s programs and activities so that Ballard High School will be a world-class learning center for the benefit of the Seattle Community. The Foundation is made up mostly of our great alumni, but will appeal to BHS families from time to time. The BHS Foundation holds several fundraisers every year, including The Annual Dinner Of Champions and Golf Tournament, The Breakfast Of Champions, an Opening Night Gala for the yearly musical. The BHS Foundation also conducts a direct appeal campaign near the end of every year