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Support Ballard High School Families for the Holidays

Bucky’s Home for the Holidays is a program run in partnership between the Teen Hebucky-with-giftsalth Center and Ballard High School PTSA, the Ballard High School ASB. Sponsored by the PTSA, Bucky’s Home for the Holidays is intended for our families that do not the financial stability to enjoy the holiday season as much as many BHS families.

Here’s how Bucky’s Home For The Holidays works

Classroom as assigned a Ballard High School family. We are given information about these families: how many members there are, the genders of all kids living in the household, the ages of all members and sizes for clothing and shoes as well as interesting facts or hobbies that are in the family. All information about these families will remain anonymous to everyone except for the BHS Activities Director and the Teen Health Center staff.

Cardboard boxes are placed around school, in which items are gathered, and gifts are wrapped and presented!

Bucky’s Home for the Holidays will take off during the first week of December and will go until December 11th. On December 11th, ASB will be collecting the gifts, two weeks before winter vacation. ASB will wrap the boxes from each homeroom and they will be stored in the THC where families can pick them up or we will make special deliveries.

This is a fantastic program that that BHS PTSA is proud to be a small part of.