Corporate Matching can double your donation

You can donate more dollars with help from your company

Do you know about corporate matching? Many companies in the Seattle area have corporate matching programs, which means that when you make a donation to a 501C3 non-profit (like your Ballard High School PTSA!), the company will match the amount that donation, anywhere from 50% to 100%! All you have to do it let your HR department know that you’ve made a donation, and would like your company to match it.

The last few year, 10-12% of our Direct Appeal revenues have come from corporate match dollars. That is thousands of extra dollars for the Ballard High School PTSA to use to help cultivate and excellent educational environment for all Ballard High School students.

We included a list of companies that we know have these programs in the Ballard High School PTSA Direct Appeal mailing you received. Check that list to see if your company is on it, and let us know if your matching company is missing- we’d love to add them to the list.

Look for more information on our Corporate Matching Program page and donate today!

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