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Dinner For Three

Have dinner, and help build a community

The Ballard PTSA is excited about a program for families of freshman called Dinner for Three (D43). There will be four opportunities during the year to get together with two other families from 9th grade to meet them and build community. Participation is entirely voluntary and your family will only be included if you reply with your interest.

We invite and encourage everyone to participate! Four times a year, groups of three participating families will be randomly created with one family being randomly selected to be the facilitator. The gathering of these three families can be a potluck dinner at somebody’s house, a pizza dinner at a local restaurant, an ice cream meet at a local shop, a bowling event, a picnic at the park, swimming and brunch, etc. you decide!

Here are the basics of how D43 works:

  • Please send an email to Erik@murphyandassoc.com (the D43 coordinator) if your family is interested in participating. Please include your full name and your student’s name.
  • Groups of three families are created randomly. One family will be the facilitator for this specific gathering. Erik will send an email to your group
  • The facilitator finds a date when most guests can meet, and proposes a gathering
  • The families get together…you talk, you laugh, you learn more about one another and community happens
  • Prior to starting the next D43 event, Erik will email you again to ask if your family wants to participate or not.┬áIf you facilitate for one time, you will not be asked to facilitate the next time

The first D43 round will be in October. Please respond by Tuesday, October 26 by sending an email to Erik at erik@murphyandassoc.com with your full name and your student’s name. You will be added to the list of participants for the first D43 matchups.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.