History comes to life at BHS with new hands-on learning tools

New social studies primary source kits are a hit

Students are engaged in analyzing several primary sources on Ancient Mesoamerica (maps, ancient texts, illustrations, and a photograph of statuary) from one of the Jackdaw’s Primary Source Kits

Thanks to Direct Appeal, Ballard High School students are able to get a more hands-on experience with replica primary sources. These resources really do bring history to life. The level of interest and engagement is exponentially higher than teaching with traditional work-sheets or textbook. This also allows students the opportunity to more authentically practice the skills of historical analysis. By engaging in this rigorous work, students are able to use these critical analysis skills well beyond high school to become savvy consumers of news, articulate debaters and thoughtful citizens of the world.

Your Ballard High School PTSA funded several of these primary source kits this last funding round, and we encouraged teachers to request more of them next time we do grants. What a great and wide impact for so many Ballard High School students!

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  1. Diane November 15, 2017 at 11:52 pm - Reply

    Great Job Ballard PTSA!

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