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The Ballard High School PTSA Grants Process

Curious about how we spend a good deal of the money we raise? Of course, we have operational costs- but by far, most of our money is allocated to fulfilling grant requests as we strive to make a great school even better.

While “Disbursement Process” sounds awfully dry, it is important to understand that we do put a lot of thought into how to invest your dollars, and we’d like to tell you a little bit more about that. Read on, and contact us if you have any questions.

Grant Requests

Every Fall and Spring, a committee is formed to review grant requests from staff and students. The Grants Committee is made up of:

  • PTSA president/co-presidents
  • Fundraising chairs
  • Three parents-at-large, chosen because they are parents of students involved in a wide variety and range of programs and activities
  • Principal
  • Two teaching staff, appointed by the principal
  • Two or three students, consisting of the ASB President and the junior class president or their designees

Upon formation of the committee, the PTSA president will appoint a chair. The chair’s primary responsibility will be to coordinate the disbursement process in accordance with the guidelines adopted by the PTSA board, and to moderate Grants Committee meetings.

The PTSA receives very specific requests for grants from teachers and staff. These requests can be for anything ranging from scientific equipment to musical instruments and everything in between! Request for grants are submitted via a very detailed grant request form.

Grants Committee Meeting

A date for a Grants Committee will be agreed upon, at which Ballard High School teachers and staff present their requests to the Grants Committee. Following teacher presentations, the Grants Committee goes through all of the requests again and makes decisions, based on on the guidelines below, in response. Staff are formally notified of Grants Committee decisions shortly following the meeting.

This is one of the most rewarding parts of our job, and is a date we all look forward to! The feeling of meeting with Ballard High School staff, and being able to fulfill in a very tangible way, our Mission Statement,  ensuring that teachers, families and students have access to the resources, tools and support they need for the best education possible, is one that is hard to describe.

Watch our calendar for the next Grants Committee date!

PTSA Disbursement Guidelines

The primary goal for use of the PTSA funds is to enhance academic programs at Ballard High School. The disbursement committee will make every effort to distribute the funds fairly and equitably. The committee will avoid use of these funds to support items that are clearly within the core funding responsibilities of the district and state (e.g., salaries, textbooks). Requests for non-academic materials and activities are welcome, but will be considered based on the criteria below and funds available.

Distribution will be based in consideration of the following:

  • Does the request enhance and support materials or activities that strengthen the academic program* at BHS?
  • Does the request serve a broad spectrum and/or large number of BHS students?
  • Will the request for an activity or program require ongoing annual funding support in order to continue?

We do our best to stick to the above guidelines, and we invite you to join us to help.

What do these grants get used For?

A few examples of grants from the this year include:

  1. Fulfilled requests for classroom supplies to World Language, History/Social Studies, Science, and Proyecto Saber departments
  2. Gave Joe Schmidt a SMART Board that benefits and enhances class for all Math students
  3. Completed a set of new Health textbooks for Tami Reese. Health was using 20+ year old books!
  4. Funded an entire collect (1o sets of 33) of classroom text “They Say / I say: Moves that Matter in Academic Writing” for the English/Language Arts department
  5. Provide a portable sound system to the Music department to accompany students at various touring venues
  6. Funded an additional phase of revamping lighting in the Earl Kelly Performing Arts Center with remote controlled LED lighting, obviating the need for students to be climbing ladders to control lights, and modernizing the department with equipment that is up to date and relevant
  7. Proyecto Saber: provided money for Parent Night Spanish outreach, multi cultural club Union Latina Retreat, Field Trip Bus to El Centro, supplies for Dia de los Muertos Altar, and $200 for attendance fees for 4 students to attend CASHE Conference at WSU
  8. Doubled up on requests from Special Education benefitting 200 special needs students at BHS, allowing for the purchase of Full Executive Function Curriculum SMARTS Full Access Licenses and Teacher Licenses, and “Essentials for Algebra
  9. Granted materials to support a multi-week pinhole photography project in Physics and Astronomy classes- a proven unit for years in these classes

Ballard High School is a dynamic learning institution with a solid core of programs offering many unique opportunities to our students. If we want BHS to continue to offer our students a complete education to prepare them for their future, we need to step up and help our staff and teachers.