SPREE is a big hit again!

The Ballard High School SPREE, the all night, alcohol free, drug free party was another huge success!

A few hours after a wonderful commencement ceremony, newly graduated seniors started loading on to buses at 9:30pm, and headed out for a long phone/device free all nighter at the Family Fun Center and The Urban Loft. The excitement was palpable, even as they had to surrender those devices, as well as keys and other “contraband”!

The buses rolled in right on time at 6:00am the next morning, and while you could certainly sense a little less excitement, there were big smiles on the faces on a couple hundred tired kids.

A gigantic Thank You to our SPREE Chairs: Carolyn Stalter and Peggy Gudgell, who worked all year to make this event a success. Thanks also to the chaperones who tagged along all night, charged with the thankless tasks of watching the doors!

We really feel strongly that this is a great way to the year for our Seniors, and I hope the kids enjoyed this as much as they appeared to, and that the event lived up to the expectations written all over their faces.

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