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Ballard High School Teacher Support Fund

Recognizing that teachers are the foundation of education at Ballard High, the PTSA started a Teacher Support Fund in 2001. The fund is used for small grants to help individual teachers purchase supplies and equipment needed to teach effectively. This quick reaction fund allows our teachers to get what they need promptly and without hassle. The Principal fields requests for these monies fund and reports periodically to the PTSA Board on how monies have been used. We make a request for contributions  to the Teacher Support Fund once- at the beginning of the school year, but get donations to it over the course of the entire school year.

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What do Teacher Support Fund Monies Get Used For?

The Teacher Support Fund has been a very successful program. Most years, parents contributed a total of more than $10,000. The funds have been used for a variety of small purchases, including:

  • Erasers for classroom whiteboards
  • Dictionaries for the classroom of a first year teacher
  • Mounting fasteners for classroom whiteboards
  • Compasses for a Special Ed project
  • Book on Instructional Strategies
  • Single book needed for a science class
  • Novels for Language Arts and French classes
  • Magazines for science classrooms

When you donate to the Ballard High School Teacher Support Fund, you can be assured that your money is targeted for that specific purpose.

Corporate Matching Gifts

And don’t forget, corporate matching gifts are an easy way to magnify the impact of your contribution. If your employer has a matching gift policy, please fill out and send your employer’s matching form to our PTSA Treasurer. After we verify your gift, your employer will issue a matching gift to the Ballard High School PTSA in your name.  Be sure to talk to your HR department for more details. You will just need to provide the Ballard High School PTSA Tax ID (#91-1303069) and note on your donation that it is for the Ballard High School Teacher Support Fund.

Find out if your company has a corporate matching program